Strengthening families and strengthening communities

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Who is it for?

It is designed for parents and carers of children aged up to 18 years to think about how their actions and behaviour may influence their parenting style The course runs for 14 weeks. Each session lasts 3 hours.

During this course we talk a lot about our communities and our families, we discuss the best ways to raise happy healthy, well-rounded children and keep our families and communities safe. It also includes an introductory session and can be accessed via group, or virtually online. Different languages are available for communities.

What does it cover?

The course explores the relationship between violence in our communities and violence amongst individuals and looks at ways to promote non-violent healthy lifestyles. The course helps us to consider our cultural heritage.

Session topics

  • Cultural  element
  • Rites of passage experiences
  • Enhancing relationships
  • Community involvement
  • Positive discipline