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Some communities and ethnic groups may have differing approaches to parenting and usually, this is fine. But it is important to remember that we are living and working within the confines of UK legislation, where some practices are not regarded as acceptable and sometimes are not considered legal. Today, Children are also subject to many challenges and issues in the forever growing society. Parents are not prepared to understand teenager behavior and the changes that take place during adolescence and tend to use what they know best based upon what they have experienced which is culture not religion. This is also underpinned by their own beliefs of how they were raised and disciplined.

Parents struggle to create a balance and the right approach in how to deal with difficult situations as they arise, and our service is set-up to support their understanding through our tailored bespoke programs which are designed based upon the family’s needs; As every family is different and individual.

Parents play a significant part in helping children to define a sense of identity, culture, religion but at times, need to feel confident in their ability to bring up their children in a positive way. That’s why it is so important for all parents, in particular the Muslim and South Asian communities, to be equipped with positive strategies and tools of how to deal with issues they face in everyday life with their children growing up in the UK.

 The Islamic perspective

We explore the Islamic perspective on parenting issues: And explore topics on power and control and force which is considered unacceptable in Islam. Direct quotes from Islamic values help families to explore their own beliefs and values which are usually based upon culture not Islam. In addition, the programme topics address punitive methods, the effects of anger and kinds of touch that are hurtful and leaves a physical and emotional impact on a child’s life.

Families also have an opportunity to explore the safeguarding law in the UK which is the same as Islam, address what honour-based violence is and the effects on a young person long term. Parents will also learn how to create a balance between their own beliefs and that of the young teenager growing up in the UK.

Sex education

Our parenting programmes cover issues around gender and sex and how to keep children safe. And discuss this topic. Many Muslim and South Asian families find it exceedingly difficult to discuss the topic of sex and gender with their children and youth of today. However, it is an important aspect of their life, development and learning. Numerous researches indicate that talking early helps to understand and identify what healthy relationships and gender differences consist of. We are exposed to so much social media and internet grooming that it is paramount to start those healthy conversations. This can be done face to face or via online links, your extended family, schools and services It is also more related to parents own upbringing and the awkwardness of discussing this topic, as they were not made aware of it in their own childhood.

For Muslim families, the Quran has given so much emphasis on acquiring knowledge. In the days of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Muslim men and women were never shy to ask Him questions including those relating to private affairs such as sexual life. For Muslims and South Asian parents, sex is seen as an unpleasant word, they feel uncomfortable in discussing sex education with their children.

However, it is better to get across a positive message about issues around sex than listening to their peers, media and television which have a huge influence on society today.

Further research and information can be found at Sex and relationships | NSPCC

Our programmes and workshops

ParentingU provides a variety of parenting programmes to schools, services and Local authorities pan London. We have been commissioned by Ealing Safe parenting service (since 2011) for group parenting programmes in Ealing. We offer in different languages to different communities and work on cases all over London.

Research Based Programmes

All programmes we deliver are evidence-based research. They are user-friendly and practical and extremely popular with parents. The courses are making good use of visual content, group discussion and practical activities.


Programmes are planned carefully for families and children we work with: To develop, and promote personal growth, motivation, development, and creativity to reach their goals.

Qualified Parenting Practitioners

All facilitators are qualified who have completed the family links training and other programmes we deliver. They are professionals from all different backgrounds with many years’ experience working with families and children.

All parent programmes are accredited and carry quality mark.

Where and Who?

  • Schools and children centre
  • Places of worship, community, and voluntary sectors
  • Commissioned pan London

Work with Families

  • Individual
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Extended families

Work with Children

  • Young people and children
  • Children with additional needs
  • Parents with SEN
  • Parents with Mental Health

We feel that the parents grew in confidence and self-belief after attending the Family Links parenting programme. Parents were more able and willing to communicate with staff and discuss issues regarding their children. Parenting programmes offer so much to the whole school community and we see the great need in our school so hope to continue this valuable work.

I would like to thank you and your team for all your hard work and delivery of the positive parenting programmes with regards to delivering specific positive parenting programmes for parents. It has been amazing to see the attendance and how the community groups have engaged really well with parents, as you can deliver in many other languages and also by delivering the Islamic values really capture what is needed for parents to commit to groups that understand their culture and beliefs.