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Emotional-well being

We commission and work in partnership with many services that can support families with concerns: such as stress, depression, and anxiety.


Sometimes the process of separation or removal of the child has become stressful and we find ourselves needing to talk to someone who can just listen, acknowledge, and help us identify where we are at. Our partnership services assist to bring about change in families lives or simply explore their thoughts and find ways of coping.

Mental health

We all have mental health just like we have basic health. Sometimes, we feel well and sometimes depressed and this is always changing. In some cultures there is a barrier to engagement with services due to their systems of belief. They feel it is better to forget their problems than to talk to somebody else, which includes their own circle of friends and family. Have a look at this link: What is Mental Health?

Barriers to engagement:

  • Lack of knowledge what services can provide as they find it a challenge to build new knowledge
  • Feeling ashamed
  • People will not understand the feeling of embarrassed by how others might perceive then
  • Having preconceived ideas of services and not believing they can help or address issues for some men they feel it is a sign of weakness of being unable to handle the situation.
  • Mental health being a stigma
  • The fear of people gossiping behind their backs
  • The reputation of the family at stake

Therapeutic Parenting

Therapeutic Parenting is an approach that uses high structure/high nurture parenting that promotes the experienced trauma, the methods used help children to restore and connect again. Have a look at some useful resources in Beacon House

Watch the video here: The Window of Tolerance Animation by Beacon House