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Over the years working in many roles, I have worked with numerous communities from different beliefs, cultures, and family values. I have identified that all parents have their own approach regarding child-rearing and distinctive parenting styles that can have an impact on children’s development. I have also seen an exponential increase in complex issues and family dynamics needs emerging, as more and more parents often re-create with their children what they experienced with their own parents. Thinking about your own cultural childhood experiences can help you become more aware of the meaning behind your reactions toward your own child: And this is exactly what the programmes are set up to do.

Through educating families, we want to ensure that every family is learning, achieving change to build a strong, healthy relationship with their child.

Helping families reunited with their loved ones is the heart of our service to families and services that refer to us -Making a positive impact in their parenting style is our key goal.

Munaza Zaman