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The Outreach

The Outreach support service is for all parents/carers including expectant young parents, mothers/fathers who have had children in care or a child with mental health, SEN or any disability. The service was established in 2014 and tailors support to the needs of the community with a team of family, parent and children coaches and mentors We offer one to one/group tailored session to all families and children.

Some parents may have had adverse childhood experiences themselves in early childhood, spent some time in care with little experience of good parenting themselves, unaware of how to deal with a child who has special educational needs or a disability or recently arrived in the UK and use their own cultural practices This could mean that they don’t have positive role models on which to base their own parenting. This can make them unsure of what decisions to make or where to go for support: which we can provide.

We are proud of the way we work with families and children. Everyone is different and learns differently. We create a safe space and non-judgemental support. These may be drop-ins or virtual platform online. We follow a programme or be a mix of socialising, informal learning, user-led learning based on our assessments and planning. Support can last from 4 weeks up to a year. We work in family’s home, cafes, children’s centres, community and outdoor recreational activities wherever people and children feel comfortable pending on their level of needs.