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Who is it for?

This is a 11-week course for 2 hours, it is designed for parents and carers of children aged between 3 to 12 with a disability or special needs, particularly those who have learning, developmental or behavioural issues.

It also includes an introductory session and can be accessed via group, or virtual online. Offered to parents/carers who have pre-school, school years and teenagers. Other tailored workshops are available around additional needs (uponrequest).

Session topics

Parents look at the many reasons behind behaviour and explore a toolkit of discipline strategies. Home and school are often big issues and parents look at how they can play a part in this and where to look for further support. Finally, there’s a chance to recognise the impact on the wider family and to review what the course has meant to parents.

I started Family Links because I was intrigued in the concept and I needed advice with my child’s behaviour and emotional needs.
The course has made a big difference to me in that I am able to speak freely and openly about my concerns without judgement from others.

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